Saturday, February 13, 2016

Democratizing Saraswati Puja, All conquering revolution!

For ages, as far as Indian society existed, Sarswati Puja has remain the domain of the educated elites. Each year, on this faithful day of Sarswati Puja, these elites would wake up early, do their chores, place the murti, books, pens beside the Saraswati Mata murti. Offer the Puja peacuflly confined to their homes. It use to be extremely personal, confine to the homes of the educated. This remain the trend in each educated homes. The most they do for others to know is chant mantra, blow the sankha and distribute prasad. Some progressive ones will visit schools, but the company always remain of the educated. The gathering constituted of students and their parents. No one from outside the community was allowed. It strictly remain private, no frills whatsoever. The school kids, the degree holders and those who loved the gyan, that was the community, nothing beyond.

This was disturbing and not democratic enough in this great democratic nation. How can only educated kids were allowed to offer puja to goddess of knowledge in such orderly, peaceful manner. It took years but the revolution happened, the bastion of peaceful mantra was finally disturbed. The street thugs had their messiah, the likes of Honey Singh came to their rescue. The daru party songs arrived in the scene, it was time to bring out this festival, too, from the clutches of elites and into the street. The overnight pandals were erected, large giant size woofers were ordered. The morning private puja was now on the street, no one was disallowed. The thugs had snatched their 'RIGHTs' back. The first song that blared was, 'karenge daru party' followed by the honey singh anthems. The thugs celebrated hard, partied harder. They had won the frontier, the goddess was brought to the reach of one and all, even to the ones who never cared for books or pens. The final victory in the evening was a grand affair and it ended with who would be strongest to gulp most number of beer bottles. A gala win was won and celebrated.

Thus the revolution and democratization happened!!!

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