Friday, July 31, 2015

The Yellow Taxi Ride

Some things never change and good it remains unchanged. The sudden smile it brings is priceless. 

Growing up and coming to Kolkata meant train rides, waving at and catching up crowded buses, share auto-s, if everything failed trust the finest engineering of God, your legs. That was it. 

The hordes of Yellow Taxi, was a luxury to look at and not to be enjoyed. After few years, as a growing kid I had understood, it was wrong to be the annoying kid and do the tasmasha for the Taxi ride. It remained a luxury since then. Only times I dared to sit in those yellow luxuries were when I got free rides from Howrah to Dum Dum at the expense of Abhijnan, my rich college friend, while returning from college, Jamshedpur. Shamelessly I boarded the Taxi at the pretext of staying the night at his place. Some mornings I did take the Taxi from Phoolbagan to Howrah to catch the early morning Janshatabdi, but there always was that guilt of spending too much money on it, I cursed myself for getting up late and missing the Bus. Those were the days of being 'Garib' and being aware of it.

Cut to today's time, I make enough money to afford the Yellow luxury, without making any considerable dent in my pocket and being bothered by it (not BPL anymore, I hope :P ). Something happened today, I took the yellow taxi from Park Street to reach HHI. It was a strange tweak  in the emotion. I can't exactly put in words, It felt good and but that voice saying, Dude you are spending on Taxi, kept whispering.

I took few seconds and looked back at my commute in the city. I was surprise, I had hardly been taking the Taxi, rather, my commute has mostly been the public transports. May be that 'Garib' wala thinking is still somewhere subconsciously taking my decisions. I was amused how certain things never change. I smiled at myself, while paying my fare.

These moments make us feel good of ourselves, the moments that will make for memories. May be someday :) 

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