Sunday, November 9, 2014

Story Behind The text

He was constantly checking his phone, waiting for that text of confirmation. His eyes kept cheating a glance at his phone, looking for white blink of the phone. He was sitting at his desk keeping the composure of his face but his thoughts were wandering, keeping him restless. The confirmation text was all he needed, that one text and he will be fine, he kept telling himself. He was eager, searching and waiting.

She was still in dilemma. If she should accept his coffee offer or refuse with an excuse. Check his patience, make him wait little longer.
She typed, erased and retyped her reply several times. Her heart said, go say yes but the mind was cautious. It asked to play the waiting card. She had dressed up for the occasion to her office, in case She decides to say yes.

Lunch was approaching, he was more restless. The uncertainty and the prospect of a "no' was weighing heavily on his mind. Should I text her again? Will that look desperate? What if she was waiting to be asked once more? He was now bombarded with  his insecurity. He unlocked his phone, 'Hey are you busy? He typed. This does sound odd, he thought. 'Hey are we meeting tonight?', He rephrased the words. It feels too direct an attempt, he considered. What the hell , can't I type a good text, he cursed himself.

Beep beep, There was a text.

He canceled his drafts and jumped to the new received message. '6:30 at coffee shop, is it fine with you?', Read the message. He was delighted and relieved, she had saved him. He typed his reply immediately, 'Ya sure, I will be there. Thanks for agreeing :) :)'.

She was staring at her phone screen thinking, Did I do the right thing? Wasn't I too easy to accept?'. She fought with her thoughts. her phone beeped, She shook her inquisitive imagination, to read the message. It said, 'Ya sure, I will be there. Thanks for agreeing :) :)'. She smile with a sense of victory, He was grateful at her consent, she thought. She had retained her higher ground on the pedestal.

Note: This was an humble attempt to say a story. I hope you liked it. Please share your feedback, good, bad or whatever but do share. Thanks for reading.


The Thoughtful Philosopher said...

Very nice.
You show an intimate understanding of the thought process of both genders.

Ankesh said...

@The Thoughtful Philosopher

Thanks for your encouraging words. :)

Dian Omkar said...

Anku, I love the way you write, so simple, so uncomplicated, yet exciting! Keep it up my friend! Please write some more :)

Ankesh said...

@Dian Omkar

Teacher you are a very kind soul. Thanks for your encouraging words :)