Sunday, May 11, 2014

TMC captures polling booth; Extremely Disappointed as a Didi supporter!!!

I stood in the queue in this scorching heat, my 90 + grandmother, my mother and younger brother stood in the line to cast their votes. The house was divided in their choices. I put my reasons why we should be voting for Didi but all thought independently.
With hope, we all stood there to vote, my grandmother and mother were first to enter the polling both . Both returned with their finger inked but without voting. They were agitated at this brazen violation of rights. They told me to return home and don't waste time in the queue. But I and my brother stood there hoping that situation will be corrected by election officer. As I stood there nothing changed, I saw few elderly and middle aged men protest, all of them were heckled and pushed mercilessly out of the polling both. My brother and I got our chances, same story finger linked but not allowed to vote. I heard people murmuring in hush hush voices, almost all the booth in near by area have similar story. It was a futile exercise and farce election. I don't know what election commission is doing, or they even exists. I had peacefully voted in last two elections. But this time the whole situation resembled rigging of the 90s by CPI (M).

Let me confess here, I am a Didi supporter and would have voted for her. But this atrocious way of curtailing my rights, I never expected this to happen in Didi rule. She might not be responsible for all this but her party men are undoing the good work by her. As a voter, citizen and  Didi supporter I am disgusted by all this. If I ever get an opportunity to vote, I am hoping I will, I will shudder to vote for TMC  again.

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