Monday, May 12, 2014

The science of Vote Rigging; invented by CPI (M) Adopted by TMC

Those who have grown of up in Bengal in the communist rule will be fully aware of the science of vote rigging. First the communist walked to power chair with an ideological upper hand taking people along or should I say the movement of people found their calling with the great call of Marxism. They begin well, consolidated the power decimated the opposition but they fall prey to the power. The prophecy of Geroge Orwell in 'Animal Farm' was ably played in reality by the power drunk communist. But unlike other countries India was a democracy and election was a major mass weapon. Unlike other states around the world where communist dictated their stay in power, they couldn't exercised their dictatorial way in India. They had to participate in election but their desire to rule was as ingrained as any part of the world. As the adage goes the dire need is the mother of all invention, hence the intelligent communist dictators has  invented the art of booth capturing. 

They first empowered the local communist activist better known as the 'dadas or goonda to be precise'. During election days they were held accountable to manage votes for their area to rein in their supremecy or to have a voice in the party. Communist were practitioner of democratic right, they empowered goondas of each para 'locality'. In return they promised their loyalty to comrades at Alimudin street, the west Bengal communist headquarters. What they did to prove their credentials was, intimidating people who went against them, killing them silently and kept the news away from the media glare, though the dormant media was never a player in those time rather they are cronies in today's time. Ballet boxes were filled by party men in local booths with the ballet papers, all for CPI(M). By the time people reached their polling booths their votes have already been consumed by the CPI(M), dare you raised your voice if you did, you don't reached your home safely in the healthy shape that you had left. Many places who won't have lived to return. As the election day were about to knock, piles of crude bombs and guns were distributed to keep the dadas empowered, if large crowds gathered around the booth or central  police patrolling were vigilant these ammunition were put to use to disperse any threat. I have heard stories of entire ballet boxes being replaced on the way to strong room for safe guard. Thus, they ruled for 34 years.  But enough was enough, the peasant movement in Bengal thanks to Singur and Nandigram gave power back to people, they dismantle the power mongers of communist, thanks to the leadership of Mamta and the intellectuals of Bengal, ably supported by a fair election after ages by huge presence of security forces, including very tough black commandos.
 Mamta was now the supreme, people vested power in her. She promised the change people desired. She begin well and is working to best of her ability to turn the state back on its feet after years of destruction. But another shift happened amidst the power shift. The dadas born in the CPI (M ) rule had tested the power and its riches, they were shrewd lumpen. As the wind of change blew, it changed the color of the Dadas from Red to Green. Mamta either didn't saw this happen or ignoring to remain the supremo. But the dadas has not been as arrogant lumpen as their history suggest but they have slowly begin to practice the technique of vote rigging, my experience of 2014 lokshabha has jolted me from within. I experienced some what subtle but same technique of vote manipulation without the use of bombs and guns, rather with the support of state machinery and a non existent election commission. I still have hope with Didi but I am not sure if she is turning into Dhrit-rast to remain in power. I wish she read the writing on the wall and take the action before it is too late. Neither this generation will remain mum as our previous ones nor it will be passive sufferer. 

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