Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another day in great city... Kolkata Part- 2

The more I travel across this city, I discover it more and I fall for it again and again... She has been my childhood love and even an ordinary stroll on the same traveled footpath is seductive to me... As much as I would love to write each day of me in the city but thanks to my lethargy and travel I fail to do so... But tomorrow was just another day and an another day to romance...

My laziness is taking a toll on me, My laptop has been flickering for about six month now and it lied dead   for about a month now and I could not managed to pull myself together to take it to the acer service centre.
Finally, i made the effort to fix the laptop. The hub of electronics goods in Kolkata is Chandni chowk situated in the central Kolkata. This place is as old as it gets, old beautiful buildings, footpath full of hawkers and food stalls, vehicles jostling for spaces on the city roads, pedestrians squeezing among the footpath dwellers. This place is as cliche as it get and as beautiful as you can experience. I being the not so net savvy, decided to land into the e-mall, a shopping mall dedicated to electronic items, at the acer showroom thinking I will be able to get my laptop fixed. But to my utter dismay salesman at the showroom informed I need to visit the service centre on 35 CR avenue. I was little irritated for not being able to get it done at one place, came out of the e-mall and decided to ask the security guard for the exact location of it, ( In kolkata it is better to ask a man on the road for the address and he will give you exact way out to reach you destination, try yourself if you viist this city ). Taking a note from him I decided to walk on the footpath towards 35 CR avenue. I had all the time in my hand to kill, so I strolled looking around the buildings. These structures are old and magnificent, most of it I think build in the Bristish era if not then they must be inspired from the European concept with thick walls, huge pillars and very solid looking ( not anything like the new shallow looking modern glass building). This place being so old but is riding on the new world of technology, the entire place is full of gadgets shop, all electronic big brands have their presence here, small shops selling all kin of Chinese electronic stuffs, service centre. This is an welcome contrast of the grandeur of the place and its shift to the business of technology.  Finally I reached the address I was looking for 35 CR avenue, it is one among the beautiful structure, I checked the address plate but could not locate the stairs to reach the first floor, I again fell back on the people on the ground floor shop and he guided me to take alley beside the structure. As I entered the building, it look like a filmy setup. There was this hydrolic lift in front of the entrance, and on the right of it there was old stairs. I don't wanted to risk my life taking the lift and being a in a fitness mode I decided to take the stairs. As I turned left, the site was amusing, the entire buildings electric circuit was there on my face. All the fuses, the electric meters and control circuit adorned the wall, I smiled looking at the maze of wires and the complexity of it. As I walked up taking the stairs it all felt as if walking back in the older world charm. I walked up amused and reach the first floor, looking around for the Acer store, the surprise in the house was not yet over, I saw a board of companies by the name of some British people and co. I felt like I am walking through a novel of Shankar, a great story teller from Bengal, and living a character of his epics. :)

Suggestion: Read Chowrangee By Shankar to experience the old beautiful days of Kolkata.

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