Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kolkata from my eyes - 1

It has been a year since I had returned to the place I craved to be in for last 5 years... My Romance with the city of Kolkata, then Calcutta, goes way back in 20 years from the time I was selected to do Play with Usha Ganguly... That one year travelling to the city from my home in the outskirt , made me an eternal lover of the city. At that young age I had decided come what may, I will make this city my home and till I take my last breath. believe me the love has grown more on me over the years and haven't faded a bit. The more I dig into the city and its life the more I fall for it. More  of the romance later, more of the city now. Here is one new experience of the city, I had. Here is is a part of the city that I had not experienced earlier rather was unaware of but happily discovered it. Read on for the small facet of this city.

Here I was on Monday bunking office to meet two my favorite people from college, the couple of our batch Adarsh and Nivedita. They were en route their home via Howrah. They had a waiting time of few ours at Howrah Station and I didn't wanted to miss the chance to meet them. Howrah station in itself is  an experience of its kind, you have be experience it to know what it feels like in a crowded station. But today's story is neither about Howrah station nor about my two lovely friends.The story starts after I leave Howrah and reaches to Esplande bus depot. I get down at the Dharmatala bus stop and start walking to Esplande bus depot. It was raining and I in lieu of not to loose another umbrella had decided to travel without one. It was bright, hot sunny day in the morning and trusted the weather to remain bright all day. But as it has been a custom to spoil my travel each time rain had decided to spoil it one more time.

The Food Joint
It was dripping slowly from the cloudy sky, but still manageable. I walked with handkerchief covering pretending to keep my head dry. As reached the depot the rain had intensified and I took this shelter under the shed of a food joint. It is common site across the city to find these road side food joints. This one was mostly for the people working in the transport business. many people travelling to inter and neighbor state take this depot to travel and so they make brisk business. The popularity of these joints is for the simple reason of food that they serve for unimaginably cheap rate. I was the second to took shelter under the shed of the joint, slowly many more joined me when they realized they can't afford any more to pretend to be beat the rain. There were few people having their food already, one was a conductor, one student and one tourist devouring the fish meal. As the crowd swell into the shed the owner happily made the adjustment to let people stand more into the shed to save themselves. We stood their for almost an hours almost wet with the high wind and intensified rain. It so happened few from the crowd tired of standing also ordered their fish meal and the owner made money. His good gestured also paid him well :). The most heart warming of the owner was his gesture to asked his employees to not to work in the rain and ordered them to stay inside to save themselves from the rain.

The Boxing Bout

After being completely drenched in the rain and failing to buy my stuff of for my bike travel. I decided to come back to home. I had to reach Sealdah from Esplande to catch my local train back home. Going to Sealdah from Esplande has many option but the buses serves you better. I decided to take one and went to the bus stop to catch one. By this time I had started getting calls from office and I wanted to return back home quickly to sent a mail to the client. I stood at the bus stop for few minutes and realized the buses were too over crowded due to Puja shoppers and i can't get into one. I looked around for a taxi, but for rain each one was plying full. I tried to catch a tram but could't find one going to Sealdah. Little frustrated and agitated I fanatically looked for a option to commute but couldn't find one for my liking, this was my first experience of not being able to find one at Esplande. The office calls were not helping me either, I then decided to take the best most reliable and priceless  transport, I decided to walk. Still raining, I pretended to cover my head dry by my already wet handkerchief. But that too fell of my head while dodging, jostling my way on the road among the huge Puja shoppers, hand pull rickshaw, trams, taxis and may other form of commute. But i walked asking my way to the station, ( I have been on this route thousand time in buses but I was still unsure if I am walking on the road, and as Kolkata is ever ready to help you find your way I keep asking people for the right way.). The distance was a good 3 K.M and for my surprise I noticed many people walking to the station along with me. As I walked, I saw crowd of excited people standing on the footpath looking inside the wellington square park. I decided to ignore the crowd and walk around them towards my destination, as I reached near the park, I was surprised and couldn't just walk away. I saw boxing ring, two young teens boxing it out inside the ring.

I stopped immediately to look around and witness what is happening. To my surprise it was a state level tournament happening in their. I got exited and decided to fuck my office calls and enjoy my first ever live boxing match. :) Hurray, I always had this respect for boxers and it was first ever live match. The set up was modest but the players were star for their groups. They had people shouting for them. It was a armature match but the boxers had a air about them, they fought as if the own the world, they were the Ali-s in their and their fellow fighters eyes. The referee do managed to save himself few blows by dodging the punches. The judges, the referee the entire setup look very ordinary but excitement among the organizers, referee and the players was no ordinary. They had their audience in the people braving the rain and their schedule train back home. The spirit of the players and the appreciation from the ordinary audience was a sight to be behold. This of was happening in middle of the most hurriedly moving part of the city, it was a discovery more me. The people standing in the rain could have happily walked to their home ignoring the kids boxing it out, no one would have bothered but the few people cared and stopped to be the audience for these kids. This is what matters. This is what I love about my city and its spirit to enjoy. The city knows to enjoy and in its small  moments and i am happy to be a tiny part of it. :)


Sharma, Nishit said...

Glad to know you are happy in the city of your choice. I hope in your next episode you write about Bong ladies and infamous area 'SonaGachi'...Keep Writing dude :)

TG said...

Good That Boy. Now be regular here and change the outlook of this blog.

My Best Wishes. Travel, Be Happy!