Monday, September 2, 2013

Secret Services of NIT Jamshedpur and its lieutents!!!

Yes, you read it right Secret Services of NIT jamshedpur. NIT jamshedpur had one for many years and I am not sure it is still doing the secret job. If one goes back to the chronological history of services, I guess it came into conceptualization and imagination in the era of Mobile phones. To be more precise, in the era when Mr Ambani's dream came true to lend a mobile phone in every Indian’s hand. I don't have all the facts with me but I am very much sure it has its beginning parallel to Rcom's mystical rise.

Let me tell you this great story from the treasured history of the great mystical place called NIT Jamshedpur. The offices who served in secret services where selected after rigorous cross examination and recommendation. It took months if not years to get into the services. The officers or should I say the guardian of institution were the talented breed of boys. They were proud of their achievement of being selected in the services. They pledged to serve till their heart was beating for the master they pledged to protect. These boys had made endless hours during class, after the class, in the evenings serving to the demand and protection clause of their masters. They carried sacred assignment sheets, completed their assignments before time to help their master being served well, they missed all the bakar (bakchodi) of boys hostels, braved the darkness of evening, humidity of the afternoons and most importantly their petty pocket money to buy drinks, petties and samosas. They braved the ire of their fellow batch mates, some of who had failed to get into the services, the disgruntled boys, the drunken ones and the rowdies one who didn't care much of any of it. They braved rains, nasty comments in class rooms, hostels, mess and grounds but they stood their ground to serve in the services, they served with same intensity that they had done to beat the 10 lakhs odd student in engineering entrance examination. 

Don’t be so anxious, I will reveal what was all the effort was all about. All my fellow NIT jamshedpurian will know what was it. For others, it was the phone numbers, they had to protect. People used amazing names, secret codes, even memorized them just to avoid any hacking and sneaking attempt to get those phone numbers by the fellow interested batch mates who had not still lost the hope in the highly competed space of. Don't be so anxious I will disclose whose phone numbers where those. Those where the numbers of the few in between divas of NIT Jamshedpur and those where the rare breed of boys who protected those numbers as if their life depend on the secrecy of it. 

Pun intended: D. Cheers and leave your comments as you had experienced it!!!



Hmmm... It would have been very helpful had you share the number along with a photo of the owner ;) :D

Ankesh at Talk said...

@Abhi ha ha ha.. Wish I could... It has been 5 years since I left that place and I don't have any number left encrypted in my phone :P