Monday, March 26, 2012

A Mom's expression of her love for her Daughter

My Dear Daughter 

You are the most precious gift God has bestowed on me. My first interaction with you immediately after your birth is still refreshing and difficult to erase from memory. Unlike other kids, you did not cry immediately on birth. Your eyes were wide open as if you were searching for a known Soul in a strange world. Both of us were put in the same room on separate beds. You took your own time and started crying probably experiencing loneliness for the first time I was dying with a desire to comfort you in my lap. Post delivery weakness, however, prevented me from doing so. Disappointed being helpless, I vowed to protect you against all odds in future with the shield of love and affection.

Next day, your father put you in my lap. First time I experienced the whole world falling into my arms. My love with you was love at first sight. I am still in love with you and shall always remain for the rest of my life. Being a woman, you gave me the honour and privilege of motherhood. They say the kids should be indebted to their parents for being their creators. In my opinion, it should be other way around. I feel indebted to you for blessing me with motherhood and making my life meaningful. 

Your smile on waking up in the morning was and still remains most adorable. You were the most charming and active baby I had ever seen. As you were learning to crawl, sit by your self, stand and eventually walked, I enjoyed each bit of your progress .Within 8 months you weaned yourself, at 11 months you walked on your own and before the first year was over you were talking in broken sentences and potty trained.

My life revolved around you and your slight sniff or cough would worry me. Nothing mattered to me except you.I took you where ever I went and you also clinged to me as if we were inseparable I was elated and felt at the top of the world.

At 3, my motherly affection experienced the first challenge, should I say so, from your father when you stated” Mere Papa Madhuri Dixit se shadi karange, yai mummy bahut gandi hai”. (My father will marry Madhuri Dixit because my mom is very bad). I felt hurt; probably a jealous first reaction of a new mother .I was quick to realize that your love for both of us was equivalent.

Your commitment towards your father was unconditional. At the age of 7, when all children used to play in swimming pool, to please your father you would swim 50 lengths at a stretch. At such a tender age you acted like a perfect daughter and left no stone unturned to change your father’s dream into reality. I admire you for that.

Playing with baby dolls and making dresses ; School admission and swimming competitions ; Celebrating Birthdays and attending Kitty Parties; ride on scooty and trip to Patiala ; facing property disputes and getting house  construction ; depressions and bad health and last but not the least curbing our desire to shop, we have been through all together in good as well as in bad times .Thank you for making this otherwise arduous journey so pleasurable.

You have grown into a beautiful maiden and your preception towards life has changed. Quiet naturally, you desire to explore yourself and feel suffocated to act as a “Perfect daughter”. I respect your natural instinct and opine that these very characteristics of yours shall only make you self-reliant and capable of facing the world all by yourself, one day.

You started realising that your father had pushed you too hard at times. Perhaps he did, but that is the difficult part which one of the parents has to perform. I know you understand the same.  His best intentions and your special place in his heart are also known to you. You know more than anybody else that his unconditional support shall always be with you and will always be your ship in the storm of life.

 Remember that you are strong and can accomplish anything no matter how long the roads to your goals look. Nothing is impossible for you as you have demonstrated it repeatedly with your performance in classroom, swimming pool or golf course. You earned admiration from your peers, juniors , seniors and gurus alike. This quality of yours puts you in different class. Be confident and take pride in yourself .Remember that everyone is different and different is beautiful. Dream big.  Leap high and go for it!  I have faith in you, my beautiful daughter.

“Dear Daughter” take the life as it comes .Don’t be scared of failures .Ups and downs are the part of life. Laugh!  Your giggle is just one of the many things I love so much about you.  When you are sad, I am sad with you. When you worry I do also. But when you are happy all is right in my world. All I want from you is to be a good person and to be happy with yourself. If you can do that, everything else is a piece of cake.

“Dear Daughter”, treat your body like a temple. The mind and the body work together. Your body is a good support system for the mind and the spirit. If you take good care of it, you can strive for your dreams and attain maximum potential. 

You have grown into a responsible, tender, young and beautiful woman who will someday be an awesome wife and mother. The man who wins your heart will have the greatest treasure. I hope you choose well. We have often talked about this and I believe God has been preparing the perfect man for you. He has been grooming him all these years. I am confident that the man of your dreams and worthy of you will come one day.

To the world you may be an adult but to me you will always remain my baby, my first love, my heart, my little girl, a beautiful young woman and a part of me that no one can ever take away. If I live to be 100, you will be 76. I will still be your mother and you will be my darling baby. I love you forever. Without your knowledge, I have learnt a lot from you.  I thank you for the same and for all the pleasure you brought along with it. Thank you for all the smiles and even some of the tears .Thank you for being a part of our family.  But most of all…Thank you for just being you.

I love you,

Your mom   

Note : It is not a fictional work. This has been written by a close friends mom to her. When I read I had goosebumps and thought of sharing with you all. Read it and do share your experience of reading it.

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