Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A lesson Well "Enjoyed"

After the exhausting day at office, not for the baggage of work but for the boredom, I left my cubicle to take the stairs. That evening I had to go to CMH road, a good 7-8 kilometers from Marathahalli where I put up. The 15 kilometer journey from ITPL office to CMH road will take around 1.5 hours on any given normal traffucked day at Bangalore. Lately this city has just refused to move rather it is contended in crawling, there are time you will realize if our body was machine, I could have beaten any of these gigantic machine clogging the road. Since the journey was supposed to be long and immobile on the road, it becomes a necessity to find a seat to rest your butt not for comfort but to just avoid reaching a point out of boredom that you feel like killing someone in the bus. One can manage to deal with his boredom if there is silence around, but the kanada songs played loudly through F.M, coupled with the irritating voices of few RJs just add to all the cacophony (No disrespect to the language, it is that I don't understand it so it irritate me.). Whatever said  and done, I had no option but to board the bus. Once on the bus, I jostled a bit but ensured a seat for myself and resigned myself for every day struggle in VOLVO. Like each day it happens that 1.2 hour journey till domlur flyover took ages. Finally I left the bus and the struggle to reach CMH road from Domlur begin, as expected the 4-5 autowallahs I asked to go to my destination, refused plainly, I don't understand why these people refuse passenger even though they are being paid exorbitant fare. No cajoling, no remorse and no anger can force these autowallahs. I too decided to stroll and cross the flyover in the hope of catching a bus. This is an irony of it's kind in Bangalore, for most part of the city you can find umpteen number of air conditioned volvo plying on the road, but the most well kept area of Indiranagar has least number of Volvo plying. The most dirtiest and unkempt buses ply on 100 ft road of Indiranagar. As the fate has stored for me, One of the filthiest bus arrived at the bus stop and I had no option but to board, as the clock was merciless on me. One good part in these buses are that a seat is more easily available. I found one too and was hoping to reach my destination as early as possible. Just before the bus could move a gang of 10 children hopped onto the bus with their school bags. Their clothes could easily suggest to you that they certainly did not belonged to the privileged class. They all glanced to each other till they all were assured of each one of them had successfully boarded the bus. Even though the bus was relatively empty but the gang decided to settle down on the last seat of the bus, but together. Till then no head turned and no eyes glared to look at them, It was a regular bus ride in one of busy lost world. What followed, made each head turn,  smile broke on every face on the bus and eyes around look happier. A symphony broke out of the cacophony of 10 children's voice. Suddenly all of them started singing in chorus . It was not a movie song or any musical    rendition. To the amusement of all they were actually revising their English lesson of simple "A,B,C,D...." Every one turned their head, first to just look who was making the noise but soon they all were smiling faces, each one of us irrespective of our status felt a joy looking at the kids enjoying their lesson in unison. There was a sense of gratefulness on each faces that turned to witness the enjoyment of those kids and love for their lesson. I felt that each one of us, deep down inside, was thinking, "Wish I was taught like this to enjoy my lessons." I was very sure, this was the case with most of us, If not with others it was with me for sure. Deep in my heart I thank the teacher who has made such a difference to these kids education and making them love their lessons. I thanked him even though I had no idea who he was and I also thanked few of my teachers whom I always admired 


Nishit said...

Enjoy the work u do n u will find Life, a pleasurable ride...Tension main khoon kyun jalana :)

Ankesh at Talk said...

@Nishit... I am trying to enjoy my work as much as possible and doing theater has given me that lifeline to enjoy life better :)