Friday, February 5, 2010

I am Sorry!

I am Sorry!
I have not been good to you,
For not being the better Son,
I am sorry!
I am a selfish again,

I am sorry!
I am not been the better Son,
I am sorry,
I am the selfish Son again,

I am sorry!
I know you deserve better,
I know you deserve happiness,
I am sorry!
To take away that happiness from you,
I am sorry!
For not being the better Son again,

I am sorry!
For all the sacrifice you did for me,
I am sorry!
For what I am,
I know I have not been the better Son again,

I am Sorry!
For the pain you are going through,
I am Sorry for being Selfish again,
I am sorry!
For what I am,
I know I could have been the better Son,
I know, I have screwed it once again,
I am sorry for being Selfish again,

I know how much love me,
I know how you care for me,
I am sorry for everything, once again
I am sorry for being Selfish again 

I really want to go to them and put my head down to them and say sorry, but I can't, I don't have the guts to say sorry. I am bit sacred, may be they will love me even more and that love scares me, I don't deserve it. I am scared, I might be selfish once again.


Bunty said...

Hey man!! cummon! wz really blue...therz no point being so low...chaahe koi bhi baat ho! koi jhoothey dilaase nahi dunga...all i'll remind u that chaahe kitna bura hi time ho...

"jo bhi ho kal fir ayega"

Ankesh at Talk said...

Ya... real low point I m going through... completely clueless what, why and where I going... Some I am not at all concern for myself... I don't even want that tommorow to come to me... I really feel for them.. Y shld dey have to suffer for me being in such a mess... God dis is not fare... neways "waiting for that tmmorow

Nishit_Vasudeva said...

it's gud that you expressed ur feelings in the form of poem....Hey don't feel low...It's just the begining and there is hell lot of things to come ecross you so if u feel low right now wht will u do stop worrying and keep fighting ad u will reach ur destiny soon.....Cheer Up Buddy!!!

Ankesh at Talk said...

@ Nishit

Fight is on... yaar everthying I m trying is back firing me... still I goin on.. and I don't feel bad for my self... I really feel bad for my parents ... Dey expect me to do well in life... It feels really bad when I have to inform dem of each failures of mine.. I really feel for dem... for myself I don't have ny expectaion ...

vicious said...

u soundlike sum1 away from home ...
these misunderstandings and assumptions as to what parents will think and what not usually happens ..

clear communication will make things easier me ..

Uncensored Raj said...

really tru words...i think every guy feels so 1) after he cheats on his parents...2)after every drink he takes and calls back home saying i just have some juice....3)after he is dumped by the girl he luved and self realisation happens that parents are best....and a lot more reasons....

rajan singh said...

Hello Ankesh....Rajan here.
keep fighting dear.Everything in life happens with a hidden purpose.Probably to make you more and more stronger.But there will be one day for sure that will be yours' day.Telling you from my past similar experience.Do not loose hope.Keep fighting destiny will make its way to you.Trust me once you are out of all this,your parents will be more prouder of you than ever before.

Saumya said...

well a very honest write by u....wat i can say is'Better late than nver'..:)

Ankesh at Talk said...

@ Saumya

Thanx for d comment...

hey do i know u from before or u r my newbloger friend

honey said...

hey....u really mean everything fine?

Ankesh at Talk said...

fine... dats was expression of a moment... things are better now...