Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday TOI Editorials

"Reading newspaper is an addiction, you are addicted to its style, its font, its approach towards an issue and it's hard to switch your newspaper."

The above quote is very true and I have been experiencing it from last 4 years. I started regular newspaper reading in the first year of college, out of compulsion to improve my English and vocabulary. It was more of a burden rather a hobby or interest. My interest in sports particularly cricket given a good reason to go through the each word printed in the sports section of the paper as there was no other option to know what happening in the cricketing circle. The news paper happens to be TOI in my room, from 2nd year onwards I stated reading the Sunday editorial articles on TOI, every Sunday there is an editorial column of Mr. Swaminathan Aiyer. I was enamoured by his writing and develop a liking for his writing. He writes on the subject of economics in a very simple language, even a novice like me could make out something out of his writing. Through his articles I developed a mechanism of thoughts to understand economics and specially how Indian economy works and how different it is from other economies. As I have told you I was not much interested in the writing of other writer's column and I don't remember the name of other journalist contributing to Sunday editorial, But I remember the name(part) of Miss. Bachi kakeria( sorry if I have spelt it wrongly). But in last one and half year, my reading habit and interest has experienced a drastic change and I wait for the Sundays to come to read those TOI editorial. In recent time, or may be they are writing for a long time, Mr Akbar and Mr. Dasgupta are contributing to the Sunday editorials. Their articles are full of facts and demonstrate a great deal of command over their subjects. Mr Akbar writes on topics with flavour of his experience and knowledge and Mr. Dasgupta analyze the topic from the perspective of history and both of them are amazingly informative and thought provocative in their writings. Among this old highly qualified and knowledgeable brigade there is two new entrant from youngistan, one is Miss Shobha DE and other is Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

I don't have much know how of Miss De except she is a model turn writer cum Social activist and her books occupy wider space in the shelves of books store in the cities, specially the metro station books stores. I haven't read any of her books but from the title of her book, compliment showered on the cover by different agencies and reading few post on her blog, I could figure out she extensively write on the subject of women, how suppressed they are and problems they face and blah blah, And it does not entice the reader in me. She is one of the typical female protagonist.

Mr. Bhaghat is one of the modern story tellers of youngistan. Going By his degree, an Engineer from IIT Delhi and a IIM-A grad, a profile can't get better than this in India. This speaks volume of his intelligence and his intellect. I read his first book five point some One, it happens to be my first novel that I completed from prologue to epilogue, I was very excited to read this book, it was as if experiencing a movie in which I could have been one of the actors. But this was also the last f his books that I have read, going by the reviews from friends I made that he writing not so exciting stuffs and is foolish to waste time on 250 pages novel. He is now very famous and he is writing columns on alternate Sunday. I have been reading his columns and I figured out he is not writing kind of stuff to belong to the class of those veteran journalists. As he himself said in some interview that he is writing for masses and I can't understand what belongs to the masses and what to a certain class of people. I believe that a good piece of writing educate people no matter where it has been published and a quality education makes people intelligent. What Mr. Bhagat is writing is like having a every day discussion at any local chaiwala or the discussion at a sallon where people keep on criticizing the government and the failure of its working system, the problem of hierarchy in the government etc. These issue are known to the so called masses that he is writing for. So what is the point in wasting an editorial space. Any ways so called Indian masses don't read English newspaper, they prefer hindi or regional language news paper.Even if he is writing for masses then please write something better, some issues that are not well known to the people or provide a solution for the problem rather writing the cliches. And we always claim that masses need to be educated with quality education and if you write these hackneyed stuff, I doubt there would be any education for the consciences of masses. Its like like educating with mediocre basics and expecting an intelligent response, how mediocre is that? This "doing for the masses" has coined from the bollywood and other regional film fraternity. They make some cheap romantic stuff or some extraordinary bullshit action movie and claim they are making this for masses and not for critics.
Any ways I would request Mr. Bhagat to please write some quality stuff, this is expected of a highy educated Young people like you. Reading his article the quote from Venkat story( Stay Hungry Stay Follish) always strikes my senses," An IITian lives in a Island, they come from a very good school then the best college in India and they are mostly unaware of the reality of India".

If not very thought provocative then at least write something that might help readers like us who are reading for improving their vocabulary and reading habits for the mother of all MBA exam called CAT.... :-) :-)

Grow from being Sha Rukh Khan to Amir khan sir... :-). Be more responsible to what you write.


Nishit_Vasudeva said...

HMMM....reading newspaper is good but i don't like TOI....I read HT or Indian Express. TOI, i find it uses more of flashy and vulgar content...editorials in HT and indian express are posted by well known personalities like Karan Thapar, Indrajit Hazra, barkha Dutt, and many more....i request you also to switch to HT or Express...
But i know what pleases you in TOI :P

Ankesh at Talk said...

ya buddy.. Its DT and the life section.. nyways I am more into reading Hindu now a days..
HT I don't like coz its looks seems very dull.. Ya editorial are better in HT but Sunday editorial are best in TOI... Aiyer Rocksss.. :-)

vicious said...

hmmm mr bhagat survives on people like us who read and criticize ...
u r right may be he should stop b a shah rukh n be an amir ...he wont a slong as people will find his life interesting , he will keep selling it!