Saturday, November 7, 2009

I hate those who has a word against Sachin!!!!

I am accepting this, I am obsessed with Sachin. I want more and more of Sachin. I am writing this post as I am very disturbed after the match on 5th of November. Some time I really feel Indian team does not deserve a player like Sachin. It's very obvious that there is no player in the cricket fraternity who can match his ability or his class but Indian team even fails to complement his class by just supporting him. And I have accepted this fact long ago after 1999 chennai test, for me India wins or lose does not matter, how Sachin played that matter. Cricket is 11 member team game so you can not expect from one man to bat for 50 overs to win matches, there are 10 others who too have to share the responsibility but you know how competent these idiots are. Any ways then what is hurting me, few Idiots rather insane fucking idiots who are saying he can't finish the matches, what a fucking opinion, I simply believe they are nuts who don't understand cricket at all.

I am obsessed with everything about Sachin and I go nuts when people criticize him or compare him with any other cricketer. I can't tolerate anything against him. For me, he is the God not the one immortal force or some other divine force, may be there is one or is just the languishing invisible creature hanging around in some distant universe. He is the one God for me. People read holy books when they down and out, I prefer reading a article on Sachin, his anecdotes, his records whatever it maybe. I am so obsessed with him that I hate not the people who compare him with someone but also the player with whom he his compared with, I don't understand why these idiots with there illogical fucking argument try to castigate and denigrate his achievement. Just because, other players can never achieve what he has? or out of compulsion that they have to utter a nonsense against Sachin? Fuck off..

This is precisely the reason I hate Saurav Ganguly. This all started at my home itself. My uncle belongs to that league of people who can never accept the greatness of Sachin. During 1996 he compared Sachin with Jayasuriya, I slowly and slowly nursed a feeling of hatred against Jayasuriya because he has been compared with Sachin, but thanks to the arrival of Ganguly on the international scene, my uncle started comparing Ganguly with Sachin. Now jayasuriya is in good books of mine, all hatred has been directed towards Ganguly. I had many altercation with my Uncle regarding this Sachin -Ganguly debate, Ganguly has four years of illustrious career 1999-2002 and most of his knocks are against minnows. I hated Ganguly because whenever he scored a century, his bong supporters in the local train during office hour or any where in the world started comparing him with Sachin. I tell you during those days if Ganguly scored a century then he is not only touted as best cricketer by all the fanatic Bengali(no offence to any Bengali) supporters but they will abuse other players as if they haven't contributed to the game and every time whole of the discussion echoed with the words like Sachin is selfish player, he plays for recodrs and stuffs like this. Why the fuck they said those things against Sachin, I don't understand, just because you have to praise that minnow king Ganguly, yes this is the reason and I say fuck off to those Ganguly fans. I hate Ganguly and I will hate him forever no matter what is his contribution. Back to my Uncle he too said those unaccepted words against Sachin, believe me at those moments he was the worst guy in my life. And I am saying this to all my friends or rather requesting them Please don't say anything against Sachin on my face, I can't tolerate and this is the issue where I can't put a diplomatic face to you, I might say or take some nasty action that might hamper our friendship for ever. This has happened to me with a close friend who stated saying those fucking words against Sachin just because he has to praise Dhoni and I answered him in way that is very unusual to me. After that incident our friendship was just a diplomatic affair we didn't share the same vibe, any more, in the last leg of College and We have not had a talk after college. Again one idiot is talking of Sachin in that manner and he happened to be a blind fan of Ganguly, this has disturbed me lot after the match. That guy is not in front of me other wise I would have given him a piece of my head and may be I would have slapped him as well.

I love Sachin, I look to him as my Idol, my God. So please don't criticize him at least on my face. I can't bear the burnt and even if you have to, please look at what he has done for India. For past 20 years he has been the reason for smile on the faces of Indians. Amidst all the atrocity in the life of people he is one reason and a name who brings smile and joy to people, may be for few moments or days and for people like me forever. Then what is the the reason, people say nasty words against him, may be they are out of their mind or they don't have a fucking mind.

I hate them and will hate them forever!!!


pankaj said...

Correct correct m wid u man...fukoff dose who criticize world's bst Player judgin him in some flop games.....wat d hell dey do wid dere judgmnt........:)

Keep Rockin........Take Care..:)

AmitASH said...

Great post indeed!!
There are cricketers and there are CRICKETERS.
Some things and some people just can not be compared, as they are one of a kind.

Nishit_Vasudeva said...

Absolutely no doubt!!! "Little Master" has been very appropriate for him...Such persons are born once in a millenium. First of all every cricketer is Indian and after that belongs to any region...If Sachin does well he's does it for India and not for maharashtra....
The reason for me becoming cricket lover is DADA. I learnt to bat left handed and i am better at ON-shots rather than Off-side shots.This doesn't mean i don't like Sachin at all.....Don't hate those people instead share your views with them about Sachin and tell them why they think so wrong about Sachin.......
And lastly excellent post!!!

Ankesh at Talk said...

Dude I tried to reason out every one .. dey hav never been spoting enough to acccept Sachin greatness.. Dats d reason Dhatred is vry deep inside my heart.. and now I am jst unable to shed off dat hatred.. I feel very averse to dose Idiots..

Ankit said...

really fuck off those idiots who will still keep on looking more from Sachin.