Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fake World

The last seven months have been a journey of introspection and finding what is that I wanted to do. In the hindsight I got the answer, I want to work with freedom will and this will give me immense pleasure. So what to do, I wanted to quit the job and embark the journey which I will choose and I will be the only one who will be responsible for the bumps ahead. I knew it won't be that simple and I am prepared for what is coming.

"Duniya ek moha maya, aur log ek moha maya me jhakre samajik gulam hai. Har rista is samaj ka banaya hua ek jhut hai. Ye Duniya ek jhut hai." Its bloody dam mm fake world and I realized it and realized it in the hard way. We are the mere puppets dancing to the direction of the master be who ever he may be. You always been been judged by the person who is better in the the path that your master choose for you, ignoring your expertise and ignoring the fact that you are better than that of the bench mark that your master has chosen for you. You are being ignored, you are being degraded, you are the one whose dreams are being crushed, you are made to believe, your dream are not be realized and you simply can't make it because your thoughts, yours dream simply does not fit into the scheme of your master. And the worst is when you outclass the bench mark that your master sets for you and suddenly you are the one who is epitome of success, hard work and many accolades, that can be attributed to the winner. But whole world come crashing upon you by the same master once again, when you try to held your head high try to envisioned the dream of your own, when you are on the way to walk your own path, when you divert from the path chosen for you, your those winning ability is questioned, the failures of the losers is the only future of yours and you are been decry to give up what is your dreams and still if you pursue your perseverance, you are been subjected to all kinds of emotional blackmail. If that is not enough to shatter your firm belief of your self belief, the reality show of life, cruelest reality show is on then you know that you are just a social liability to those who have hailed you as their love ones, who hailed your determination and grit to sustain for the success that they wanted you to achieve. This is the time when you have to accept the fact that you have been ignoring through your life, it is the fact that if you can't give your master, who feed ed you, who has done sacrifices for you, supposedly that they are the only one who have sacrificed in what you are today, the social advantage(that they wanted to enjoy) in the society which they can boast about, you are then become a social liability because you want to risk your comfort the social advantage that you have created for them for the greater goal or a happy life. For them you are only going to fail because they say they have seen the world more than what I have ( I don't deny this), because they have tasted the setback that they refused to fightback and many other thought that have made them risk their comfort. May be I might not fail, may be I will give them a greater social advantage or may not be, but please let me live the life what I wanted to live and above all I want to see them happy, I want to give them all the happiness in the world, I want them to be over the moon. But Please don't make my world seems so fake to me, Please don't set your goals walking over the dead dreams of mine. Please don't make me realize this fake cruel world, I beg of you please don't.


Nishit said...

It's good that you have realized this truth and doing what you desire. Independence is the best thing that every being on this planet wants to achieve. I wish you all success in what you pursue and may all your dreams come true.

Maya said...

Good you realised it, thats why i have never made choices, i let life choose for me, i belive whatever path you choose it invariably leads to the same destination that u are destined to..

Maya said...

also the template that you are using is not reader friendly, this kind of font makes it hard to read..

neither the color suits, change to some other temp