Friday, April 17, 2009

Election Akada '09

This election is not much different than the other election I have seen except the media's aggressive movment to increase voting percentage. The blame game is on, Advani accusing Manmohan singh of being a puppet of Sonia Gandhi, Sonia and family accusing Advani of being a puppet of RSS. Advani labeled as a Hindu terrorist. Is Advani a terrorist? I doubt. A terrorist is a extremist, who lives to his extreme principle and die for for his principle. But our politician has no one principle, they changes color of morality like the lizard who disguise. Mr. Advani is not much different, all of us remember the incident of Advani praising Mr. Jinnah in Pakistan. So if we tag our politician as terrorist we are actually not doing the justice to the word "Terrorist". Let me tell you I am not at all a Congress prop, I will prefer a BJP government instead of a congress government. Congress in last five year stint has almost jeopardise the education system. I and all my NIT jamshedpur mate will agree to this, the first decision that HRD minister Arjun Singh has taken was to change the all the director of all the NITs and that decision has jeopardise our all four years of college. So I am not able to decide to vote for whom and so I didn't vote this time and one thing I believe instead of asking the government to do something I will do it myself..

on a lighter note the Manmohan Sonia duo might rock this time as well... So Singh is king..


AmitASH said...

A bit of differences in opinions here..The way you'll prefer a BJP govt. me on the contrary would never ever want BJP to come into power as this Saffron brigade has nothing much to offer except Hindutva and promises of building temples everywhere.
Regarding Congress jeopardizing the education system I must apprise you of the fact that literacy rate has got a substantial boost in the last 5 years (its in itself a feat to manage to run the govt. to a full 5-yr term inspite of allies acting rigid at times)
Opening of 6 new IITs, direction given to the nationalized banks to educational loans as a priority cuz of which educational loans are now much liberally available, the introduction of noon meals, a 20% raise towards education in the budget, opening of thousands of govt. & Kasturba schools throughout the country...can we say that nothing has been done for education..??? Those were just few of the accomplishments in the field of education.
Big mouths like Narendra Modi have shown lately how high regards they have for old was really pathetic to say the least..he's still a teeny-weeny dude or what..? He feels "Abhi to main jawaan hoon.." :-P
And lastly the plight of our college could be attributed to our great great teachers and foul politics there who never ever wanted to have an upright director. Crores of funds were allotted to the college after it got nationalized & became an NIT..and everybody knows there the crores went in whose belly..!!
n yeah truly the govt. can't be blamed for this.
What I feel is lately people are getting more aware and have started to realize that there are far more important issues than the propaganda of caste, creed and religion. I firmly believe that one who deserves to be a winner will win.

Nishit said...

It's all Blame game dude..I agree with you amit that congress has done a lot in the field of education but dear friend see on the other side of the coin. 'Terrorism'...terror strikes during congress regime and number of innocent dead are far more than in BJP regime. Moreover, During vajpayee's tenure, more peaceful environment was there with pakistan. the north-south and east-west road project was started by Vajpayee itself. Congress gave 6th pay commission as a gift but when it gave. When elections were scheduled near. These are all diplomatic stunts they do to gain vote bank. When they come to power they raise tax and commodity price. So, no one has sympathy for people. These people live for themselves. So , whosoever comes we have to be it for next 5 years.

In my opinion, BJP should come now. Because congress had ruled for 5 years and change is needed beacuse 'CHANGE CAN WIN'

AmitASH said...

Though I can argue with you with a hell lot of points to back me up, I wont, cuz I believe in freedom of thoughts and expression.
i'm happy with the fact that unlike a typical fanatic leader or a blind BJP supporter you accepted gracefully what is correct without raising much hue and cry.
The point is everybody out there should respect each others' feelings and opinions.
But at the same time I must say after Vajpayee there hasn't been any noble leader left in BJP who is as fair and virtuous as he was.

Anyways its upto the people who they wanna choose..!!

BlowHotBlowCold said...

Be patient till the last,
Romans, countrymen, and lovers,
Hear me for my cause and be silent that you may hear,
Believe me for mine honor and have respect for mine honor that you may believe,
censure me in your wisdom,
awake your senses that you may be the better judge