Saturday, April 4, 2009

My experience of working in Service Sector of Software Industry

After three years of spoiling years at college, placement knocks at our door, it’s time for the rat race of getting a job and throughout these three years in college placement takes the centre of our thoughts , being in NIT I had this in back of my mind that no matter what I do, nobody in this entire world is going to stop me to get a job in the placement. Thanks to software company and the dominance of Indian software company in the service sector even the worst in the college like me, who just managed to avoid the F grade, gets a job that will pay me a 20k+ salary. So finally the college gets over and happily we prepare for corporate stint. It’s the time when I rejoiced the independence from the monetary dependence of mine over my family.
After lot of hysteria making the round for the late joining date, surprisingly I got joining date; I had to report on the third of July, reporting date was much earlier than expected. The day we moved in the training centre, the word professionalism was forced to entrench the space around my eardrum. The rigorous training commenced to absorb the new joiner in the company as employee , believe me I learned more number of technology in the one and half months of the training, I couldn't even imagine of learning so many technology in my wildest dream in college. Anyways this dumb in college had done quite well in the training. Even a lethargic person like me was on the track of professionalism, the 45 days of training was good enough to prepare our self to work even for 16 hours of work, let me confess I was not at all complaining about my hectic work hour after all I was learning a lot while working and it over shadowed all the pain and tiredness of work.
The second phase of training started and the domain training got under way. We all were told and boasted about the importance of domain training, every trainee is allocated to a particular domain where he or she is going to work for the company in the future, till this time we all were excited and equipped with knowledge of handful number of technology and we all had an very professional image or perception about what we would be doing in our near future. My domain was software testing, the mentor, who was responsible for all our training, Mr. Prasad, a very dynamic, true elocutionist, a distinguished personality among the very best and a great person from Bangalore, gave us an over view of what testing is all about and he was the only one who was true about the reality of the corporate culture of the service sector of software industry. I didn't had any clue what is testing and what is development so the domain “testing” didn't had any effect on my process of thing but it was very hurt breaking for few of the computer science folks. Finally a person named Mr. Kasturi came to take our session, let me tell you I had never imagined such shabbily dressed person to be a part of leading software company, early in the morning while walking to the training centre I have seen this person on the way I thought he must be a "chaprasi " of the company and as per my nature I made fun of the appearance of the person among my friend circle, and here for me and everybody in the class that very person was appointed to take session for us for next 11 days. That was the first shock for me and it created a really bad impression in my mind and I wasn't wrong in my perception as the days of training started unfolding my perception took a firm belief, many events took place during those particular session and my world of professionalism came crashing down on me. I was sure; I was knocking on the door of Pandora's box. Then came Mr. Venket, a very introvert but a good knowledgeable trainer, and finally there was some respite for the frustrated folks, he took 22 days session about testing tools, Finally there was something in testing which might challenge the complexity of the cerebrum of our brain. The training got over and we all were too very sure that we would be directly deployed to the project as per the boasting of the talent of all the student from NITS and the BITS pillani by every person who came to take session for us, because of the bad economy there was no joining for private college folks, we were told that the top management is keeping a direct eye on our batch and we all are being prepared to increase the productivity of some kind of high profile job. So we all were gear up, though we all have lost all hopes but the human optimist had kept some hope alive to get some good opportunity, to report to our unit to contribute to the revenue of the companies. As I have already written in my earlier post what hell we went during 2 months of bench we were in, I have also scribbled of my first day experience at the project, somewhere I was bit mistaken in making my first impression that folks do nothing in project, yes they do work for almost 9 to 10 hours every day. But how they spent 9 to 10 hours in the office is not entirely work, the first 1 hours in the office is dedicated to forwarding junk mails of good morning , fun at works and lot other stuff. Then starts the work for the day people get busy for their work, work and the gossiping goes hand in hand during this 9 to 10 hours of office, this reminds me of one of the mails sent by Naryan Murthy to all the folks to reduce their office hour by avoiding their all the duties that they do which they are not supposed to get engaged in the office. Finally I got my share of work to do, the biggest blow was yet to hit me and here I was being face to face with what I was supposed to do. What I was asked to do is to make some updates in the excel sheet, which involves spelling checks, correction of inappropriate sentences, these were few example of my work, there are other interesting works I do , I am reviewing whether there is any dissimilarities in the font size , font colour between the screens which is developed for the application and the benchmark screen, and other type of my work taught me the importance of the "ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+x, ctrl+all the arrows" and how much money these combination of buttons can make for the company . All the moolah in the software industry is churned by the different combination of these buttons of the keyword. It was very clear to me, there is nothing much to do in this service sector of software industry beyond these combination of buttons. This is my experience of being in the service sector, testing domain, but the development side of this industry is not much different from the testing, whatever I had came to know from my friend working in the development side in my company and other companies, I can came to the conclusion that there is nothing different to do except copy and pasting (in technical terms importing from one sheet and exporting in other sheet) the codes and the script in a bit intelligent and different way.
post joining I am regretting my decision to join the service sector, but I could not have done thing differently in the college because I or my other friends hardly had a much clear view about what is there in the service sector to do and there was also the lure for the spoiling life of the metros, the sexy lady factor of metros and all other stuff. If I had any idea what I was going to do in the sector I might have done things differently, I might have explore the different opportunities. That free time of the college is all past, but still I can do things differently and I am prepared to do it differently and take much risk than I could think in the college.
If any mates working in the service sector would read this post please correct me if I am wrong, for those who are yet to join this industry please think 100 times before getting into this sector, I know it’s difficult time to get a job and its easier said than done but our future is in our own hands, we are only responsible for our decision, so it’s time to be more critical to our own decision and to embark for a more satisfying future....


AmitASH said...

Very nicely put up..Everything got afresh when I was going through this..It clearly depicts the period through our last days in the college to this date where we are kinda stuck in a company which is already entangled in its own problems.
Going back to the college time recalling the euphoria ..the excitement which was going through us about getting placed in an IT company of repute, working in it..the professionalism.. And now back to the present comparing that whole scene appears so non scensical..It really isn't like what it seems to be.
Now trying to see it all in a broader sense what I feel is its not just we who are suffering, everybody is, in their respective sectors.
Anyways you know the truth about a so called high profile job once you get into it..and from what Ankesh, me and many of us have experienced lately it surely is not that great..!

abhishek gupta said...

Very nice and very true.....

Most of the software guys use ctrl button with combination of other key the most.

But i should say MOST not EVERY.

But it is also true that it is very difficult to reach at the stage where u can use other keys.
The most important thing u need for this is good luck or relatives at high post in the company.Your talent works only when u have either of these two.(ignore the exceptions).

And ya...last lines were remindable fom me of my decision of choosing this field.....u and only u are responsible for your decision.. no one else...
Other person can give u advise but that is you who take the decision..

Tarun Goel said...

lets work towards the solution, problems will always be there, so forget about them and concentrate on the solutions rather than wasting time/energy on the problems.
Its better to face the worse as early as possible. :)
good to see Amitash back in action :D

Joe said...

I'm in my 3rd year in NIT, Jsr. I've always been fascinated by software stuffs and all, but it seems, from reading your post, that there's nothing much to look forward to after all.

I'd be glad, of course though, if you could maybe elaborate a little more on what field of the software industry would best be in the interest of the hopeful newbies.

AmitASH said...

@ Joe
Ankesh hasn't replied..may be I can try answering your query..
see what Ankesh has talked about here which I'm completely at one with is just the one side of coin, I mean these are our own viewpoints which we've made after a not so good experience in the IT industry. But it needs to be mentioned that the reasons for that may be attributed to the ongoing global recession cuz of which there's literally not much work left over here as of now and as a result we are finding it so much dull and worthless.
Few years down the line the scene here might not be the same.
So my advice is pursue your interests..follow your dreams, there are fair chances you'll be giving a positive feedback to your juniors about the IT industry which is on a downhill presently.

Ankesh at Talk said...

@ Joe
Hi joe, I agree to ashwini, what I have written is not about software industry its all about the service sector of the software industry. If you are really love working with software then go hard and leave no stone un turned. If u really want to have the fun while working with software industry then go for the product based company not for the companies that provide maintenace support , which exacxtly what companies like TCS, infy, wipro and many other aere doing. And one more if u can afford to take risk in life then start your career with start up company,there you will get both exposure , quality work and you will be able to vent out all your skils. I hope that I our experience might help u juniours in your future. Have lovely career a head.