Friday, February 13, 2009

Innocent Letter

Mom ,
I hate myself
Mom you are very very beautiful
And I very very ugly
Mom you are lucky
Mom you are great
Mom I am not lucky
Mom I am not great
Mom you are very very good
And I am very very bad
I hate my work, game, bag
Pen, Pencil, pencil box, Almari
And my other things
Mom you have good luck
Mom your self very very good
And myself very very bad
Good Luck
I love you Mom

Flash Back: Arya has gifted this letter to her Mom on her(Mom) Last B’day. She was bit upset because mamiji has scold her early on the day for some reason and pour her heart into this letter to gift her mom.
Arya is my sweet little sister(cousin) of mine. She is daughter of my mamaji. She is the youngest child in my Nanighar and she is darling of every one. She is like the queen of the house no body denies or does any thing against her wish , if she demand for a anything some one will bring her what she want. No body in the family want to see her upset , she is very good diplomat too, she knows this and she will go to the right person for her demand. She is studying in class 3 and except her mom no body press her for study coz every one wants to talk to her ,to pamper her. She is the commander in chief for the television in her house and no body dares to change the cartoon network or pogo in her presence, if you dare to suffle the channel , her emotionally black mail will make you surrender to her demand. I have given her nick name Gandi for her diplomacy and very few lovable person to her have privilege to call her by this name and I am at the top of the list. I fill proud to be in the honoured list.
When I read the letter of her I was shocked and at the same time amazed by the deep thoughts of Gandi and her philosophical self. It was very strange self of Gandi to every one in the family. For everyone in the family she is the sweet little darling who loves cartoon, chocolates, phuchka(golgape) and toys.
I will not say anything more because I would not stop talking about Gandi and my family . I feel I am one of the very lucky ones who are still living in a joint family. Even we live in different houses we are always there for each other. We celebrate together , we mourn together. I am proud to be part of my family.


honey said...

hi ankesh, good post yaar!it recalled my childhood...
when i was small, u knw i was also like aarya..!!I am the princess of my home :) :)

Tarun Goel said...

Innocent Letter :)

Nishit said...

truly innocent!!!
may god bless aarya and wish her success in life....

Ashok Verma said...

dude u seems to pour ur heart out in ur blogs ... with absolutly no fear u hit the sensitive topics ... gud yaar .. keep it up ... n i do share the Joint family pride with you :) ..