Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last few days "Satyam Saga"

Hello all, Its has been two weeks since I have posted on my blog. Actually I did not had any thing to write coz for last few days my mind has been into some kind of coma, my mind was not responding to what was coming towards me. I was utterly frustrated to the job of office boy in my project and every our of the i was thing how to get rid of this company or the bond that i am obliged to. So more than anything i was tracing ways to get out of here. But issue is that what after that, any how i have been in talk with a person of getting started with a business proposal, that healed my frustration a bit , and gave some hope to my ambitions. Any ways amidst of all these fighting of thoughts in my soul, the news broke out of one of the biggest corporate scandal of India, Mr. Raju confessed is manipulation in the balance sheet, the news spread like the jungle fire, Satyam share price plummeted in no time , Satyam was all over the media, Mr. Raju now adorn the title of most googled man on the web beating the sexiest lady of the world Katrina Kaif. The mood in the office was very grim, it was like something wrong has come true what every one was predicting to happen but deep down to the heart it was unwanted. People face lost its colour , it turned pale. now every one was worried for their job, specially those who has just got married or having children , they were worried about the EMIs to paid. But for me it was bit different I was jumping with joy laughing like anything with Gaurav like my wish has come true, whole i felt eclectic. I was excited by the thought that now i might leave the company without paying the bond amount, hurrah. Ohh forget my crap... Now it was time for the mobile to ring, I received calls from almost most of my friend asking kya hua be, company doob rahi hai tala lagne wala hai kya, every one was sympathising , i talked to all my freinds saying the same thing to every one blah blah...about Satyam. , god this reminded me of my birth day i get so many calls only on my bdays. What follows was the mail campaign to so the unity of the satyamites, mail content were like i will work for satyam even i don't get salary for two months, we are loyal to satyam , we support Raju, I agree all these craps, signing campaign blah blah...ohhhhhh. It was hectic day checking mail box reading those craps, but i did not forwarded any of the mail but i did not had the courage to write i don't agree to any of the mail coz some where at hindsight I was asking my self what after Satyam, What i will do, though the thought of chasing my dream is keeping me driving to this situation. But now my mind has stop responding to any of the news popping in the media and i have also tiring for applying for jobs in last few days. Now I am wishing this company get shut down or i get freed from this bond and probably then i can give my life a new direction. But there is also the fear of failure that can hit back on my face with more worst situation but now i am more determined to give my self another chase.

Lets hope to join the group of those who chased their dream!!!!!!!!

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Nishit said...

It seems you are frustrated from this company. The type of projects they do, as told by you, this was very sure to happen. But don't worry Ankesh thing will improve from nw on and not worsen anymore. Keep heart in Satyam. Satyam management won't let you go without completing tour bond period. So enjoy every moment and try some SALSA and other stuff.....