Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Zoo

"The facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition." This is dictionary meaning of Zoo given in the Word web. Does the wild animals are the subject to be housed for exhibition ?

The wild life has always been fascinating for the human being , if we go by the evolution history of human being we had fought against these wild life animal to make a peace full living for ours self. At the start of the human evolution we were less in number but intelligence of mind taught us to work in team to defeat those monstrous animal to earn our food , to guard our life and to create a safe shelter for our self and our family. Over the years we grown in numbers and our intelligence multiplied by each new born individual and finally the world is ruled by the human being not by the animals anymore. Now we are the wild monsters of the modern world invading each inch of the territory of the few wild animals that are still roaming around the scarce jungle . We are not letting go any opportunity to make those animal realize that its our time to rule and now you should fight against us for your survival for existence. The industry run by us are contaminating every drop of the water of the river in the pursuit of killing those thirsty animal who comes to the bank of the river to cool their intestine through the passage of their neck.

We are not happy by only killing them we have created a territory named as "ZOO" where we have jailed them or restrained them behind the bars to entertain our self and our kids.

The question is that each human race or generation has always shouted for their freedom. We have sacrificed our blood, life for our freedom and on the other hand we are snatching the freedom of those innocent animal. When I think of myself confined in room ,it really scares me. Then how can we confine those animal for sake our entertainment.. Let them enjoy the wind and the thick jungle, Let them enjoy the life that they deserve..

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