Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why Dont We Confess"We Hate Pakistan" ??

Every time when I hear India - Pakistan Bhai Bhai, I feel pity for our self and Who actualy we are fooling, by claiming us bhai when we all know at hindsight that we hate this country Pakistan. This bhaichara seems to be forced by the bureaucrats to portray themself as the flag bearer of peace. These bureaucrats are moulding the sentiments of people in accordance of their political agenda. Its not only the bureaucrats but our most cherished actors, journalist, sports person have mastered this art of diplomacy while they face the media ,they all seems to take forward the Gandhi's dream of India Pakistan bhai- bhai , but they all know at the core of their heart that atrocity encountered by Indian common man is the aftermath of the malicious thinking of the extremist or should I say the hatred carried for India by each and every pakistani nursed in their heart. And we all accept this fact at our core but still we are not able to accept our hatred and our anger for pakistan.. The recent protest at mumbai has the most common man at the forefront insted of our politician or our Iconic figures. Its time that we the common man sholud shed off our image to be good to every one and we should let our anger and hatred, against this terrorism and the nursing country of terrorism "Pakistan" , to come out and solve this issue once and for all.


abhishek gupta said...
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abhishek gupta said...

You are right ankesh upto some extent..but i don't think is full truth as each indian don't think like this.....we have many people in our country who r supporter of pakistan also they hate india......also some people who have a lot of pity in their heart...they don't want any attack....they want bhaichara...........but i m fully agree that i have only hate no bhaichara for pakistan....

khun bhi denge ..jaan bhi denge...desh nahi mitne denge....kashmir to kya denge...lahore karachi le lenge....vande matram

jai hind..jai bharat

Tarun Goel said...

So much of hatred, not good boss.
But who knows that the terrorists were pakistani's or afghani's or something else.
They could be sent by God-in-Law America itself to disturb India, who knows. Rather than thinking about Pakistan, we should think about India man. because once war happens, a lot of people will die and I Don't want to be among them. said...

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