Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blessing In Disguise!!

I read in my school, to be precise in class xth, how japan turned into a world leader in economy post world war 2 being a under developed pre world war. I was shocked to know that participating in wars has given a great boost to attain the pinnacle of its economy to japan, I wasn't able to take dat point directly to my conscience, how can a destructive event like war can be constructive for the economy of a country. But recently I googled on web about this fact and i came to term with this fact , i realized every war need huge infrastructure support for the country and it create huge employment ,this is how Japanese used there involvement in war against different countries on a longer span of time for there growth. Even the world war 2 helped the world to come out from " The great economy depression of 1930", it created huge employment to support the infrastructure requirement for the world war 2 and the countries used those infrastructure to boost there economy post war... Now point is that why the hell I am garnering these stories on my blog. At present India is facing terrorist attacks on regular basis. What this act of terrorism is doing, the latest attack on Mumbai has given a 278% hike to the TRPs of Indian News channel, Its helping the Indian electronic media to make instant mullah. Now if Indian gov have any true leader then he will surely launch an attack on Pakistan to cure our Country from this aching disease of terrorism, and it might involve india into a long war. For that India would required huge infrastructure, ammunition and who knows it might pump in huge donation for Indian defence research and can revive its ill reearch institutes. And it will boost Indian core industries as well as print and electronic media. And the best thing is that it will ,create huge employment, might take us out from current economic crisis and we might join the league of developed nations. I know that people who will read this post of mine will think that this lad has gone mad and he is completly out of thought, but i can't resist my self to pen down this weird thought of mine..Please forgive me!!


Tarun Goel said...

Oho!! What about the lives??
Money over Life??

Ankesh at Talk said...

buddy we r losing lives any ways...But if we lose sm of life can settle dis Pakistan iseue once and for all..then the life of martyr wld worth..