Friday, November 28, 2008

Never Thought Of This Life!!!!

Its been one and half month since i have last scribled into my blog, I don't know wat I was doing. I was not busy,not working, not playing, not doing any charity work, not reading, Then wat I was doing in last one and half month?? Where the hell I was rubbing my arse and wat for?? I am not able to answer to my self, Becoz I am ashamed and scared to answer my self. But to be honest I was roaming inside the conference room to cabin of India's fourth Largest IT Giant"Satyam" to find a chair to settle my arse, It was not me only there were many arses like mine looking to find a cushion for itself to settle down.. Meanwhile we all,who hv got a world class training, displayed a great team work by alternatelay sharing the few chair that we had for our service, by njoying a siesta on he floor, Don't take that i am blabbering and faking, Its true!!!.. But best part is we are paid 22000 for this every month.. Great price for my Siesta!!
Unfortunately none of us want to get paid like this. Its not wat we wanted to get paid for none of us.. After all we r not here to ruin our carrer for one man's "The chairman of the Company"dream. Its utterly frustrating when u think of a longer race for ur career , we r not taking our career anywhere we r not moving a inch forward rather recedding along the global economy...Worst part is that people r being laid off witout being explained a proper reason. I am not against the laid off but as we told to be upfront people need to be told wat is the exact reason of they being laid off..

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Tarun Goel said...

My dear friend, this is how we are being eaten by the system. This is where I relate my education stroy to the current scenario.
Nicely written, I hope that you find a place for your **** very soon :P