Monday, October 13, 2008

The Music Of Silence

It’s my wildest of imagination, I dreamt to feel d world with deafening ear. I know its strange but it’s my wildest of imagination and which I wish would never come true in my life. But as human being we always try to stride closet possible to our dream until we are defeated by d thought that we can't get it, I did tried to stride closet to my dream. In pursuit for silence I didn't blow my ear bones instead I conquered the noise of d fast moving world by d soothing music of songs. The music was not invading d silence n d serenity that I was into. I m not any sage who goes into silence n state of serenity for divine intervention, I was into silence to live the fast track life with flavor of silence. The shouting crowd around me suddenly seems in tranquility. I could see no uneasiness in people, what I guessed by fast oscillating lips of people didn’t give any clue what they are uttering, it didn’t give me any idea what the hell they are talking about and I was not able to cook any perception of their issue. This gave my mind an opportunity to rest, to avoid d unwanted gifts from the Pandora’s box which was inevitable for me to stop grabbing because of my excellent ability of making story with few words that I encounter everyday anywhere. My ear was on song with the tune of the song running in the iPod, my friends around me, as usual kept talking to me, but I was so engulfed by mine self imposed silence, I didn’t care what the hell they are talking and of what context, I wore disguising smile on my lips to avoid any ire of my friends..Sorry mates.
Whatever I call it, my wildest imagination, or cynic way of enjoying the life, I really enjoyed the music of silence. It was a unusual way to feel the life through a different angle and perspective, it made me talk to myself with me alone and my thoughts only, there was no pinch others conceived notion…. It was me and my serenity of silence…..

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