Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pleasent Murmuring!!!

Me taking a dip into the waterpool Of STC with others around..Few swimming well..few strugling to stay afloat ,tapping there leg in d water and beating d water as hard as dey can.. as a novice i was doing ok under the guidence of Suresh...kudos.. Suddenly a murmuring wave danced in every corner of d pool... D sudden warmeness of d water become more soothing...Every swimmer felt d energy and vibe in there leg... ohhh..suddenly everyone swimmed to towards one half of the pool...I was confused, but more happy as i was njoying d least crowded half for my unusal satatic and acrobatic swimming..,(hey dont laugh i would get my experties very soon in d pool)..Ohh god.. the answer for my curious confusion was very beautiful.. the induced energy ,inside pumping body of all the swimmer competing in d 10 meter olympic event in the pool, was churning out from the flexing musceles of two swimming beauty in the pool.
The sudden enthusiasm in creaping legs, the transition from local swimmer to Michial Phelps was amazing to watch....Boys will be Boys no matter in college or in corporate... "hum Kya Nachaniya hai" Dis was a comment by a friend of mine when she had unwanted staring n complimenting eyes on her, every evening during their dance practice session.. So this is we the "Boys" n let me make it very clear I am not different from d lot...But a more Gentle one :-) :-)

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suresh said...

great job.....even i was not different from u :)