Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first free flight

Its long since i was searching for space to write...But unknowingly whenever i took d pen it was running away from me, Actualy it was my fear dat wat if my nuisance got caught or heared..i would be screwed by my friends and mostly by cousins cum legpullers...oh god dis thougt terrified me... Na!! i was not brave enough...ufff... Finaly on my birthday nite when i got biggest rejection from my only friend who was a girl... i gathered all my courage to write..i poured my heart into my diary....oh dat nite....i roamed around the house for a place to treasure my scrible....But, again, i surrender to ghost,who was scaring me from d moment i squeezed d pen between my fingers, i teared d page like dere was nothin written in diary....ohh.. i breathe the relaxed air...
Thanx to Ashwini.. I found a place and courage to write.. It is great feeling to give words to ur thougts.. i felt like a free bird ,sailing and dancing in the sky, celebrating his freedom from exile......ohh i wish someday i fly to the infinty!!!!

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AmitASH said...

this boy is out n out expressive..never short of ideas n tales.Thats why I advised him to join blogging & see the effect, each day his blog is gettin updated with very inventive posts..Carry on the good work. Cheers..!!!!